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Providing a broad range of customized professional training services

What Our Mission is
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What Our Mission is
Our mission is to provide a broad range of professional training, customized for union leaders, to help you sharpen your skills to meet the demands of your daily activities.

We have the classes and workshops you need to succeed as a union leader and make your union stronger.

  • Leadership training
  • How to properly keep union records
  • Proper Communication Skills
  • How to train your shop stewards
  • How to prepare for union elections
  • Techniques for winning arbitrations
  • Brief Writing
  • Building an efficient local union with officers, stewards and members working together.
  • How to meet the challenge in contract negotiations, and how to teach your members and stewards to use their union contract effectively.
  • Parliamentary procedures
  • How to cope with stress and lessen friction
  • Financial reports required by federal law from unions
  • How to keep track of your union's finances
  • How to setup your local files
  • How to effectively run a local union. (Role of officers)
We are conveniently located to serve you. Special arrangements can be made for on-site training sessions at the location of your choice.

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